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 Volume & Production Runs
      -   High/Low Volume, Prototypes
      -   Contract Manufacturing
      -   Forming, Shearing, Punching
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prodtech.jpg (7273 bytes)        Broad Production Expertise
           -  Tanks, Frames, Sub-Assemblies,
           -  Structural Weldments
           -  Custom Brackets
           -  Vessels (low pressure or high)
Quality Assurance
     -  ASME 'U' stamp Certified (sec viii)
     -  AWS (American Welding Society)
     -  In House Quality Control Staff
     -  Fabrication to Customers Specs.
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 welder.jpg (6158 bytes)      Welding & Brazing
         -   MIG, TIG, SMAW, Plasma, more
         -   Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze
         -   Cast Iron, Mild Steel, Copper
     On Time Delivery
            -  Quick Turn Around Specialists
            -  Just in Time Production
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