The Millennium G450 with 16MB of DDR Memory


Powered by the highly integrated Matrox G450 chip, the Millennium G450 with 16MB of DDR memory, is a feature-rich, future-proof business AGP accelerator. Built to blaze trails in the worlds of productivity and multitasking, it offers the corporate market a host of features, such as third-generation DualHead? display technology, including eDualHeadTM, and Matrox's trademark ultra-crisp image quality. The Millennium G450 also doubles as a well-rounded home entertainment solution. In addition to 2D, 3D, and DVD acceleration, it comes equipped for DualHead gaming and 3D Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping.

Comes with CD

Latest Drivers and Patches can be Downloaded from:

System requirements:
System requirements
System AGP
Operating system*
Windows® 2000
Windows 98
Windows 95
Windows NT® 4.0
OS/2 Warp

Color and refresh rates:
(primary display)
2D/3D Colors 2D/3D Resolution
16 million 2048x1536
Resolution Vertical (Hz) Horizontal (kHz)
2048x1536 85 110
1920x1440 85 115
1800x1440 90 120
1600x1200 100 130
1280x1024 120 130
1152x864 140 130
1024x768 160 130
800x600 200 130
640x480 200 130