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I've just started this area so please be patient, (yah right, I know!). I've been collecting these Scripts and Applets for a while now from various  Developer Sites and as far as I know they're all free and fully functional. Each Script or Applet will be accompanied with simple instructions or a Zip File that contains:


Ready to use examples that have been modified with Bahá'í Content.
Simple instructions explaining how you can add them to your web pages.
How-To -Instructions to help you modify them with your own Text and/or Graphics.
And finally information on Customizing the Parameters, that Actually Control the Behavior and Appearance of the Effects.
And in some cases I'll also include some or all of the original package, as I downloaded it.


No, I'm not a Java Jedi! Just a simple Bahá'í WebPage Developer like you are or plan to be. In fact I'm a welder by trade, but I've said my prayers and done my homework to help make things easier for those who follow. Kind of like what I've been doing with Bahá'í WWW Graphics.


                                 Bahá'í Java Pages

Text Effects

Image Effects


Bahá'í Star Writer

Letter ReArranger

HW Type Scroll
IE ok, NN error

Rainbow Text

Multi 3D Text

3D Wire Text
IE ok, NN error

Sequential Quotations w/ Cookies

VB Script - Nice!!
IE only

Dancing Links
IE ok, NN sees reg.

Just Save these last three. Everything you need is in the HTML


Image Projector

Image Mosaic

Multi-TV Images

Hi-Tech Banner
IE only


Baha'i Word Search
Find and circle words

Baha'i Puzzles
Sorry this one only works for IE 4.0 or better
Their Great!!



Nav Buttons
w/ Sound

Falling Nav Buttons
IE only

Falling Nav Buttons2
IE5 & NN

Link Ticker Text
IE only

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