Falling Buttons 2


Original instructions:
1. Paste the coding into the HEAD of your HTML document
2. Copy the onLoad event handler into the BODY tag
3. Add the last code to the BODY of your HTML document
OR you can do it my way, which would mean that you start by SAVING this Page. Then look at the source code, which just happens to have the instructions right in it. This whole document is a working example. Just replace my links with your links and my button names with yours. Once you get in here each button has an object tag. From there it looks like a 1 row, 1 column table with normal table attributes, so you could change the bgcolor, table sizes and even add a background image like I'm doing. OH!! P.S. I have 12 items so in the head I've put in [ items=12; ]. If you use more or less than, you'll have to change that line. Speed and topdistance can also be tweeked. Right now they look like this.


If you have trouble just e-mail me your source code and I'll fix it for you.

Oh ya you'll need this too!












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