Andy's Amazing Card Trick

Are you ready?
I want you to mentally select any one of these six cards at random.

Choice 1

Answer: (Notice anything?)

Choice 2

Answer: (Yeah! That's right, the game's rigged)


This game is comprised of 6 Image Files and 6 Web Pages.
The 6 pages are set in an endless loop.
There are 2 main sections containing 3 pages each.
The first 3 are titled Magic, Magic2 and Magic3.
The second three are titled Trick, Trick2 and Trick3.
The first "Magic" is the Question page and offers 6 cards to choose from

Then the Goldfish shuffles the cards and blows your card away.
Thus leaving the remaining 5 cards, that you did not pick.

But what's wrong here? None of these cards were amoung the first 6 choices!!

OK Let's try it again, shall we.
Your second chance offers you these cards to pick from.

And the Goldfish shuffles and walla!!

Sneeky isn't he??

Now Back to the Game

This is my pet fish, Sparky. He may look like a goldfish but he's actually a shark...a card shark that is! Sparky used to work at the blackjack tables in Vegas, don't mess with him because he's always packing heat. When you're positive that you know your card click on Sparky and he'll shuffle the cards for you.