Bahá-u-lláh Bird
by Michael Sours
Yes he's not only an author, but a great Bahá'í artist!!

 :baha_bird_perched.jpg (42244 bytes)

He has this available Poster sized through his Advent Arts web site at :    email:   Really Magnificent!!


This is what it looked like the first time I bought it. (This ones been sliced to discourage
unauthorized borrowing, since it's a commercial item)

us04663f.gif us0467b1.gif us046937.gif us046ab3.gif us046be5.gif us046c9e.gif us046dbf.gif us046f69.gif
us04701c.gif us04718e.gif us047306.gif us047481.gif us0475f5.gif us04773d.gif us04787d.gif us047a1c.gif
us047b44.gif us047c74.gif us047db4.gif us047f21.gif us04806b.gif us0481b5.gif us048340.gif us0484ae.gif
us0485e8.gif us0486e2.gif us048845.gif us04899e.gif us048b01.gif us048ca1.gif us048e85.gif us048fe3.gif
us049098.gif us0491ff.gif us049380.gif us049506.gif us049696.gif us049812.gif us049989.gif us049ae7.gif