"Thou hast written the name Bahá, on ever face. "

A Persian Baha'i friend of mine allowed me to take a scan of this card. He obtained it in Iran many years ago. Maybe 50 or more. I don't have an "official" translation of this one but you will find a provisional one below. Personally it's one of my favorites. Also done by our friend Mishkín-Qalam


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On the neck is written the word Haqq which means the Truth or the True
One - one of the names of God.

The two lines of poetry on wither side may be translated:

On the faces Thou hast written "Baha"

From the day of "Am I not [your Lord]?" O Thou Exalted of the Most

"Am I not your Lord?" is the primordial question asked by God of
humanity on the day when humanity was created. "Thou art" is humanity's

The poetry is thus saying that the name "Baha" has been written
(engraved) upon the features of humankind from the primordial time of


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