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Have Camera Will Travel is more of a nic-name than anything else.

I'm also Curtis Artworks. You'll learn why as you investigate this site.
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Curtis Artworks Featuring: Bahá'í WWW Graphics, a collection of Neat E-Mail Signatures AND as soon as I get that new scanner, my promised collection of CALLIGRAPHYS, FLOURISHES AND FRETWORK, (PICTORAL WOODWORK). ALL HAND MADE BY YOURS TRULY.

beliefs2.gif (3039 bytes) The Art of the "Greatest Name"Welcome!! This is the newest section. I've been wanting to build this site ever since I first thought of it. Sharing both the Art and the Appreciation for the "Greatest Name", bring great joy to my heart. So far, I've been through three scanners and two computer crashes, to do it. Oh and BTW there's lot's more to come. I'm still researching, copying and organizing.

beliefs2.gif (3039 bytes)Bahá'í WWW Graphics    The Name tells the Story!! Come and See.

beliefs2.gif (3039 bytes) Bahá'í Java     Many GREAT EFFECTS!!

beliefs2.gif (3039 bytes) Larry's Bahá'í Page     The Bahá'í Faith is what motivates me to Grow and Develope. If your looking for inspiration in your life, this is the place to go!!

Larry's Personal Pages     FAMILY, PERSONAL HISTORY.

Have Camera Will Travel     VIDEO AND COMPUTER STUFF

Magic!   Come and See?

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