The Celestial Rooster Ink

I have to apologize for this on but I couldn't help it. The colors and detail didn't come out right but this was the best I could come up with with what I'm working with. The background is really dark blue with a diagonal criscross pattern. It took four hours just to do that. All that yellow your seeing, well try to imagine it as a rich dark gold. And the tablet under his foot is a teaching tablet in Arabic, that is quite accurate. Believe me I've had it checked by a native. The tablet alone took fourty hours to reproduce, and I had to use two magnifying glasses and a pair of regular glasses. It also took about eight months to get up my courage to do that part. You can see a copy of the original by Mishkin-Qalam in 'The Baha'i World' vol. XV 1968-1973, second bookplate in the front. Mine is about 16" x 21", I've heard that his is hanging on a wall in the Holy Land and stands 4 or 5 feet tall. Maybe you've seen it? I hope to someday.


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